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Techsheet - Vinha da Serra 2013 (red)

History has taught us that Dão belongs to those places that Man has long-recognised as exceptional for producing great wines. Despite its enormous potential to produce red and white wines, it is a region that continues to stubbornly remain out of the limelight.

António Madeira, who is French of Portuguese descent, has his roots in the foothills of Serra da Estrela. Since 2010, António Madeira has been researching, the places in this sub-region, that our ancestors elected as the best for vine, those that we might call the «Grands Crus of the Dão highlands» and found a series of old vines that are distinctive because of the authenticity of their grape varieties, the characteristics and nuances of their granite soils and sun exposures.

2013 was a year of long and good maturation. Fortunately in our case, it was achieved harvesting all the grapes in the last days before the week of heavy rain that occurred at the end of September.

Vinha da Serra 2013 Red is the expression of a single parcel. A 90 years old small vineyard  located in altitude (600m) in the Serra da Estrela, on a hillside facing west. We find here a wonderful balance with altitude bringing freshness and sun exposure to the west bringing ripeness. The fine tannins in the mouth remind the fine texture of the soil. A "Premier Cru" with identity and sense of harmony.

This vineyard produces very little. In 2013, we managed only a barrel of 225L of this vineyard. In the following years 2014 and 2015 there will be no bottling the wine, for not having achieved amounts to fill a barrel. 2013 therefore offered a unique opportunity for us to taste the fruit of this single vineyard.

The vinification philosophy was to respect the grapes and nature and focus on seeking the expression of the terroir of Serra da Estrela, thus, no other product was used except sulphur.
Alcoholic fermentation took place in open vats with traditional treading and began naturally, with the yeast from the vine itself, to express its identity in the purest form. Very little extraction was sought. After pressing, the wine was placed directly into an used French oak barrel, where malolactic fermentation took place until the following spring and where it aged for 18 months. Bottling took place in July 2015.

Complex and deep, wine of great finesse and harmony, where we find the terroir elements of this single vineyard.
Complex aroma, granite, aromatic herbs, resins, fresh fruit and flowers, a set of great finesse. In the mouth we find granite powder, ripe fruit and crystalline, resulting from an optimum balance due to exposure to the west and the altitude freshness. The finesse of the tannins recalls the fine soil texture in this vineyard. Very long and intense mineral finish. It is therefore a tasting in which we feel the soul of the place.

PRODUCER : António Madeira          REGION : Dão – Serra da Estrela          SOIL TYPE : Granite
VINEYARDS : Small single vineyard  located at altitude in the Serra da Estrela.      
AVERAGE VINE AGE : 90 years old
GRAPE VARIETIES : Field blend composed of Tinta Amarela (60%), Jaen (20%), Baga (9%), Tinta Pinheira (8%) and several other native varieties.
ALT. FROM SEA LEVEL : 600 m          PRUNING METHOD : Guyot          
HARVEST PERIOD : September 20th 2013          HARVEST METHOD : Hand picked
FERMENTATION :  Indigenous yeasts, open vats with controlled temperature
MALOLACTIC : Used barrels         
AGEING : 18 months in used French oak barrels (225 L)          BOTTLED : July 2015
 ALCOHOL : 13.7%          PH    3,53          TOTAL ACIDITY (G/L)    5,53          
FREE SO2 AT BOTTLING (MG/L)    12          TOTAL SO2 (MG/L)    45         
VOLUMIC MASS (G/ML)    0,9906
PRODUCTION : 316 bottles

FOOD SUGGESTIONS : Lamb, duck, codfish.

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