sexta-feira, 28 de março de 2014

Dão 2011 in Catavino

From Simon Woolf's report about Simplesmente Vinho 2014, in Catavino :

This tasting was much more about new discoveries than established names. A serious looking young man poured me a superb “Vinhas Velhas” from the Dão. His story was as captivating as the wine. Half Portuguese half French António Madeira lives in Paris, but now spends every available weekend and holiday returning to half a hectare of abandoned vineyards, to craft this exquisitely focused red. Madeira explained “I had to come and do this. Too many winemakers here just go for over-extraction and oak ageing. That’s a pity. I want to show that our wines can be elegant.”
According to Isabelle Legeron’s Raw Fair manifesto, Madeira would qualify as a natural winemaker. 
Here's the link :

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