sábado, 27 de dezembro de 2014

Finds of the year

O meu Dão 2011 foi considerado pela critica britanica Sarah Ahmed como uma das suas descobertas do ano de 2014!

E para este projecto uma grande noticia que partilho convosco aqui :

"Niepoort have also made incursions into the Dão, in Serra d’Estrela where another of my “finds of the year,” Antonio Madeira, is similarly focused on old vines/restrained, terroir-translucent wines.  I hope Madeira is able to realise his dream to make wine full-time – he is a talented self-taught winemaker and engineer like Alvaro Castro, in whose cellars he makes his wine and who himself has a very exciting new old vine small parcel (1 barrel!) project.  (Incidentally, I came across Madeira and Castro’s old vine wines at Simplesmente Vinho, an Oporto wine fair for small, artisanal producers open to the public.  Well worth a visit).  "
Sarah Ahmed, The Wine Detective, 24/12/2014

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